24 Arguments for Animal Testing Pros and Cons Essay

Arguments for Animal Testing Pros and Cons Essay

The use of animals in experiments is a controversial topic. The essay on animal testing writing starts from defining personal position. The key point – are animals and humans equal in terms of their rights? Is saving human life more important than protecting animals from suffering in laboratories? What do we need all these experiments for?

If you’ve chosen an essay topic on both pros and cons together, make sure they are well balanced. It means the value and the power of pros are approximately equal to the same of cons. Lets look closely on pro animal testing essay:

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Animal Testing Pros for a Persuasive Essay 

  1. The use of animals in testing advances medical science for humans. Animal testing already helped a lot with discoveries about cancer drugs, antibiotics, vaccines.  
  2. Animal testing prevents dangerous and harmful products from entering the market. 
  3. Products and drug experiments with the use of animals help to determine their quality and safety for humans. 
  4. There are no relevant alternatives for testing because animals, especially chimpanzees (they share with us to 99% of DNA) and mice (98% genetically similar to humans), are very similar to humans. 
  5. Testing samples with the use of animals is a maximum possible legal way to ensure that drugs, products, and cosmetics are safe for humans. We can’t make some of the experiments with the use of humans. We use the closest “live environment” instead. 
  6. We can observe the full life cycle of live organism and how it reacts to certain influence. The average life expectancy of animals that are used in laboratories provides the opportunity for gaining comparatively quick results. 
  7. The use of animals in laboratories is under regulation. The cruel attitude and mistreatment are not allowed. 
  8. Experiments with the use of animals help medical and vet universities to provide their students with practice. This helps them to prepare better for working in hospitals and laboratories after graduation. 
  9. Animal testing helps to develop medical procedures for quality human care. 
  10. Scientific laboratory testing helps to understand animals better and as a result, provide better treatment for them.
  11. Various surveys on scientists’ opinions show that more than 80% of them stay to continue using animals in testing. 
  12. The reliability of testing results requires treating animals humanely. 

Animal Testing Cons for an Excellent Essay 

  1. Millions of animals die in laboratories every year. Humans are acting irresponsibly in relation to animals and nature.
  2. Animals are very similar to humans, they can feel and react the same as we do. Animal testing is cruel.
  3. Animals have rights and they need to be protected by the animal testing ban. 
  4. Many of animal tests turn to be useless. Animals suffer and die in laboratories to no purpose.
  5. Experiments with the use of animals are expensive. We need to discover alternatives. 
  6. Some animal testing results are not valid for humans. There is still a big risk for people’s life and health.
  7. The regulation of animal testing is not covering all issues of animal protection. Some laboratories and private facilities act based on their own interests and rules. 
  8. Experiments with the use of animals can confuse a research practice. Some drugs and ingredients are deadly for animals but safe for humans. 
  9. Some researchers who conduct animal testing aim just to match public expectations or industrial requirements. They can manipulate results. 
  10. The current level of technology development is able to provide relevant alternatives. We just need to set a goal – to replace animals in experiments. 
  11.  Animals and humans are not as similar as the supporters of animal testing insist. This is one of the reasons for poor research practice. 
  12. Testing drugs on animals is not reliable and fails in human clinical trials (much more than succeeds). 

Choose the pros and cons of animal testing that you consider to be most important. Support them with statistics and research practice examples. The use of authority scientists’ opinions can give more power to your arguments in animal testing pros and cons essay.

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