Animal testing argumentative essay

Animal testing argumentative essay

Animal testing is a very topical issue. It excites a huge number of people from around the world.

Animal testing can be conducted to examine how animal bodies and biological systems respond to various stimuli. Initially, when the scientific revolution was just in its infancy, scientists used this method for their medical and biological researches. But the problem has become more acute these days. Commercial institutions and pharmaceutical companies use animals to test their cosmetics, food, and hygiene products. Many people believe that such a test helps make these products safer. But a huge number of animal rights defenders and ordinary people believe that there are other, more humane testing methods that these companies should use. During your education at the university, you can get an assignment to write an animal testing argumentative essay. This task helps to test your analytical and critical skills, ability to collect information, evaluate facts, draw conclusions. If you want to make your essay really interesting, use our recommendations.

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How to write a good paper about animals rights

A good academic essay should be well structured in the first place. Therefore, even if you write about testing on animals, you must adhere to certain rules. Basically, student paper consists of the following parts:

  1. Introduction. This is an important section that helps present the topic of your essay. You must explain to the readers why the problem exists and matters. Provide your audience with a more detailed explanation.
  2. Main part. Your next section is necessary to present information, main ideas, and arguments on your topic. If you write an argumentative essay, it is essential to decide on your position and provide some evidence. Ideally, for each idea, you need a new paragraph.
  3. Conclusion. This is your final paragraph. Use it to draw conclusions and take stock. You cannot use new arguments, but you can emphasize the importance of your position. The good idea is to encourage readers to thoughts or even to particular actions, for example, to protest against animal testing.

You should also design an animal testing argumentative essay outline. This is your plan that you will use in the process of writing paper. You already know 3 main sections you need. But each of them contains specific subsections. For example, in the introduction, you will need a hook and a thesis statement. In the main paragraphs, you can write about the history of medical animal testing, about the role of legislation. You can mention the position of people with the opposite point of view. The conclusion also has its subsections, for example, a paper summary, conclusions, and a call to action. There are many interesting directions for essay writing about animals. But if you use all of them, you will not be able to limit yourself to a few pages. Therefore, the outline of the essay will help determine your future vector.

Tips that will your argumentative essay better

Think of a hook

An introduction is half your success. If you start the animal testing essay well, the reader will get a positive view of your paper from the very beginning. Use a suitable hook for this. Here are two main ideas:

  1. Rhetorical question. Offer readers food for thought, for example: “How important is ethics when it comes to the development of medicine?”
  2. A shocking fact. Use statistics to show how important and relevant this topic about animals is. People may not even understand the extent of this problem. Explain to them.

Use reliable sources

Your animal testing essay should be convincing and truthful. Some people who are sincerely worried about the fate of animals may disseminate inaccurate information on the Internet. They are used to attract attention. Always check the facts to give your readers the truth. Check that for each of your facts you can find several sources, an original study or a scientific report.

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Make sure your thesis is good

It is very important to define your animal testing argumentative essay thesis. This is one sentence that will provide readers with a short review of the most essential points of your paper. Think about what question you want to answer. What is the most important issue for your readers? This will help readers get a full picture of whether this essay is worth reading. Your thesis statement should be concise and informative.

Relax and proofread

Once you have finished your paper, do not rush to send it to your professor. Make sure you have a couple of days to rest. That’s why you should start the writing process as early as possible. Take a rest to refresh your brain. Then you can read your paper again to get rid of mistakes and typos. If you are afraid to miss something, you can use the help of the professional editors. 

Essay sample for your inspiration

Read a few essays written by other medical students in order to understand the general structure. This will help you find new ideas about the test on animals that you have not thought about before. In the process of reading, evaluate this information critically, thinking about how you can use it to create your own paper.

Essay sample for your inspiration 1
Essay sample for your inspiration 2

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Why do you need to write an argumentative essay?

This is an essay that is especially useful for students. You must understand that there are many points of view about animal testing. If you adhere to any position, you should be able to defend it, using certain rules for this purpose. For example, each argument consists of a thesis, evidence, and conclusion. There are convincing arguments and less convincing ones. Thinking about them, you can take a different look at the problem of animals, find unexpected solutions, or even change your position against animal testing.

How to choose a good title for animals testing argumentative essay?

A good topic is what matters. This is the first phrase your audience will read. Therefore, it must be catchy, intriguing and meaningful. When choosing a topic, think about the fact that the topic of animal testing is quite delicate and controversial. You cannot choose a topic like “Animal testing is a murder!” This will immediately show too biased opinions and distract some readers. A much better idea would be the “Ethical side of animal testing”.

Is it cruel to test on animals?

Of course, this is cruel. The world is actually full of cruelty for humans and animals as well But it’s important to understand that proponents of testing also have their own arguments. Sometimes alternatives are not good enough to give up this testing method. In the process of writing, learn more information to offer a reasoned opinion.

How should I write a paper about animals?

The writing process, in this case, is the same as with any other student essay. Initially, you should prepare a draft paper. Do not expect too much from this version. You will still have time to correct mistakes, get rid of weak ideas and add some data to complete your paragraphs about animals. The most important stage of writing is research. Even if you express your own opinion, all your arguments should be supported by facts.

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