Animal Testing Essay Topic Tips. How to Write?

Animal Testing Essay Topic Tips

Animal Testing Essay is a Challenge and a Chance

The topic of animal testing is about “millions”. Millions of animals struggling and dying every year, millions of money are spent by developed countries to support these experiments, millions of human lives and health were saved from dangerous products due to the testing results, millions of people argue about animal testing pros and cons every day.

The topic of using animals in experiments is one the most controversial. Hundreds of papers are already written about it. It is still being debated tough all over the world.

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Writing this essay is a challenge because the topic is of the highest social importance and touches all people. And because many authors have already made their conclusions about animal testing (as it is a common and sometimes obligatory school task). You need to study all available ideas and at the same time stay unique, avoid plagiarism. Show your analytical and persuasion skills.

The animal testing essay is also a chance. You will be able to create your own framework for the topic and decide which side you are on.

It’s ok if you decide to take a neutral position. When putting all pros and cons on your own scales, you can conclude that there is no one right answer. Using animals in testing as almost all other controversial type topics include both – opportunities and threats.

Writing this essay is your chance to have a unique journey on the topic with a very rich history and to impact its further development. If you try hard, your essay could also make other people the advocates of your idea.

Let’s check some most important steps, rules, and tips of animal testing essay writing.

How to Write the Animal Testing Essay?

The background for an excellent essay on topics of controversial type is the topic choice. In general, you can join one of these three parties:

  • Animal testing opponents (animal testing is cruel, unnecessary and it should be banned).
  • Supporters of the moderate use of animals in the most important fields of experiments (like medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and cosmetically experiments).
  • The neutral researchers (aware of all pros and cons, trying to stay “professional” about unbiased analysis of facts, the use of reliable data and reasonable arguments).

To choose your topic, our recommendation is to investigate the key pros and cons provided by other researchers. Here are some of the most common and important:

  • The pros of using animals in experiments. It has already helped to stop dangerous for human products from entering the market. It is helping to invent new medicine for most common and dangerous diseases as well as improving the quality of surgical operations. By some physical parameters, animals are very similar to humans. They can’t be fully replaced by new technology in some of the critical fields of testing today. The topic of animal testing is often being misunderstood because of the low level of knowledge in society about these experiments’ value.
  • The cons of animal testing. The use of animals for testing is unethical and cruel because animals are very similar to people – they can feel, the struggle and die. The big part of testing turns out to be useless, animals die in vain. The level of technology today can provide some other objects for these testing. Animal testing is very expensive. Every year, governments spend millions of taxpayers’ funds on it.

Tips (How to write an essay better)?

Create a text structure that will help to open up your idea in the most interesting and beneficial way.

  1. Animal testing essay introduction. The short announcement of your topic and why this approach to the topic is important and worthy. Do you remember how news web sites or social bloggers start their papers? A strong and unique essay name and a preview that will definitely make most of the people to “read more”. You will need to do the same for your animal testing essay introduction.
  2. The essay body. Develop your animal testing idea. Make a clear structure of “one idea or issue – one strong argument” supported by reliable data and the results of your research on this topic. One of the most important things to keep in mind – do not lose the “golden thread” of the topic – core idea or message you are bringing to readers. To avoid this issue, you should write an essay plan. All ideas and arguments should complement each other and enhance your essay.
  3. The conclusion of an animal testing essay. The common rule is to write the most important message that people can take away and remember. (Same as a good speaker do when finishes the speech). Provide a strong thesis concluding your research and tell people what you expect, hope or offer for the future.

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Read your animal testing essay out loud. Try to catch if your essay is simple and persuasive. The specifics of text writing in XXI requires to stay simple, concrete and clear. This does not mean “the buddy” conversation style. It is about art to bring your ideas in a way that people can understand (and like it).

There are hundreds of tips in today’s essay witting. One of the most simple that we want to leave here for you is – when you finished the text draft, check it and “cut” (delete) 30%. Professional writers say that there is always these thirty percent that are not useful in the text. They don’t contribute to the text value. If you will need to add something to make the required 250-600 essay words, you can always look for some figures or strong citations instead.

Animal Testing Essay Titles and Samples

Animal Testing Essay Titles

Some examples of titles for writing a persuasive essay on animal testing:


“Why Animal Testing is So Controversial? The Latest Fact-check on the Topic”

There is a lack of knowledge on the topic in society. That’s why some people can’t decide and they use the shallow arguments in a debate. Here you provide the latest studies on the topic, figures and authority opinions. The author of this essay type stays neutral to the pros and cons. It’s an analytical paper on animal testing. The key idea is to open up a real state of affairs in the industry.


“Animal Testing Can Save the Life of People Around You”

Tell about concrete facts of the past and the present value of the experiments with animal use. Provide the number and the description of people who are still alive due to these experiments. Write about famous scientists and institutions that have good results and stay for animal testing.


“Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned Today?”

Here you need to provide strong evidence why animal testing is not compatible with the modern world. What (technology, innovation, and knowledge) we should use instead? Show that animal testing is cruel and unnecessary. Use different arguments and figures to prove. Appeal to authority researchers, leaders and organizations.


“Do Animals Have Their Rights? Do People Have the Right to Violate Them?”

It is a philosophic question. If you have chosen this topic direction, we recommend to start with – why do you think animals can have their rights? Are they similar to humans in some contexts? Who should decide what kind of rights animals have? How people, laboratories and private companies should respect these rights? Who is responsible to control?

You can create your own strong essay title following the recommendation above.

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How do you write an essay on animal testing?

Check available facts and ideas. Choose a strong topic. Create a viral-type essay title. Provide an engaging introduction, logical essay body and conclude with a strong message on the topic for people to take away. Keep in mind the core essay idea from the beginning to the conclusion. 

Should we test on animals essay?

This topic is widely covered by authors and scientists all over the world. But still, there is no one right or common answer. Writing your essay, you need to think over the pros and cons and choose your party – stay neutral (analytical), be an opponent or a supporter of animal testing.

Why is animal testing cruel?

On the one hand, millions of animals struggle and die in laboratories every year. An impressive amount of experimentation turns out to be useless for science. On the other hand, animal testing has already helped to save millions of human lives.

What is animal testing used for?

These experiments with the use of animals bring unique knowledge about human care, the invention of drugs, surgery, testing of products, cosmetics, environmental conditions to improve people’s health and life.

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