‘Animal testing is wrong’ persuasive essay

Animal testing is wrong persuasive essay

Academic assignments are a great opportunity to upgrade your writing skills and not get bored. Each university entrusts students with different tasks, and even if they have the same focus, the persuasive essay topics are different. You can even choose a personal specialization in which you will become an expert. For example, you can write about animal rights, testing cosmetics, and household chemicals, circus bans, vegetarianism, experiments on animals, etc.

 ‘Animal testing is wrong’ persuasive essay is your chance to show your attitude to his hot topic, to protect your position. Or, vice versa, maybe you support animal experimentation in real life. Then you can gain your critical thinking, understand essential arguments of the second side. 

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How to write a persuasive paper

If you doubt your abilities or are not ready to spend time preparing such an essay, you will need professional help. We are always in touch to provide you with cool tips or write your essay from scratch. It will be qualitative, expert, without any mistakes and plagiarism. Below you will find some instructions to write a persuasive essay on animal testing.

Choose the position 

This is a very important step. If you want to convince your readers of something, you must understand what. If you do not know what point of view you’re going to defend, you definitely will not make the grade at this task.

You should decide: you protect animals because they are living creatures that feel pain? Perhaps you know some alternatives for testing cosmetic products? Or do you want to prove that humans and animals have more in common than we think? 

What is your key argument against animal testing? Decide on this and only then can you start the essay.

Define your target audience

Different readers need different information.

There are people who have never heard of testing on animals. You should form an unambiguous thought in them. Perhaps you want to write a paper for cosmetic companies, convince them, offer them other ideas.

You can find the latest research that proves that there are more humane test results. Such information will be useful to animal rights advocates who do their best to stop animal testing. They don’t need to know more about pain and suffering, they already have this information. Provide them with something they really need. 

Before you conduct animal research, think about who you are writing for. Knowing your audience, it’s emotions and pain points, you will come up with convincing arguments.

Don’t be too emotional

If you want your paper to sound convincing, you should not be too emotional. Of course, animals are killed, animals feel pain, animals suffer. It is impossible to remain indifferent.

But people do not accept the arguments that show your tantrum and real experiences. Readers need statistics and facts. Those people who support you emotionally already agree with you that animal testing is bad. You are guided by those people who have no information or share a different point of view.

Read some examples written by other students and professional authors to understand their basic ideas. This will help you come up with some fresh concepts for your paper.

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