How to Write Is animal testing an ethical essay?

Is Animal Testing Ethical

Writing Is an animal testing ethical essay, you should clearly mention the reasons for and against testing on animals. Many medical institutions utilize animals as subjects of testing. 

To gain knowledge about human disease, animals might be an object to experimentation and modification. Also, scientists might test the treatments on animals. 

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As long as rats and mice have many genetic and physiological similarities with people, that animals are used to generate and test the human treatments. 

Nevertheless, it is disputable whether it is ethical to make that animal experimentation. 

Some people say that animals have rights so we must not experiment on them. According to this group of people, all animals have equal rights to live a life free of suffering and pain as human beings. So it is prohibited to use animals for experiments.

Others say that animals should be used for experimentations because it is the only way to find and test a treatment for humans. They say that the number of animals required is still low so it will not affect and lead to ceasing in the existence of such animals.

Why animal experimentation should be stopped?

According to this point, humans and animals are equal in rights and morality. So it is immoral to use animal research and testing products on animals because it might hurt them. 

Some people agree that animals should be equally treated as humans, specifying that people should not kill or force them to serve us. According to these people, animal experimentation should be made illegal and prohibited because animals deserve equal treatment. 

There is a term such as “speciesism” which denotes that some people grant animals less moral status. This is a kind of prejudice concerning animals. Meaning, whatever race and gender we are, we should declare other species to be lower moral status. According to it, animal experimentation can ruin the right of animals to live and kill them. So testing products on animals should be stopped.

Why animal experimentation should exist?

According to those people that claim animals should undergo experiments, they are not equal to human beings. They insist on the fact that the effect of animals used in the testing of treatments is bigger than the harm. They emphasize the idea that humans are more important if compared to other species. 

Also, such people highlight the idea that animals do not belong to any moral community and do not have cognitive capabilities if compared to humans. Meaning, they can be used for research purposes by scientists.

Middle ground

Middle ground

There is a middle ground for people who take care of animals but agree to conduct animal research. According to it, the more complex organisms are preferred over less complicated ones. For instance, mammals are preferred more than plants. Meaning, there is a hierarchy of preferences among species. 

One more principle of this idea states that the researchers conduct animal experimentation according to high-quality standards. So animals will not be hurt or injured. 

Besides, the defenders of this common ground claim that laboratory animals do not feel pain and suffering because of anesthesia when it is needed.

The final verdict

It is possible to conclude that animal testing is a controversial issue. Many researchers conduct tests on animals to prevent people from diseases and bad products. Most of the scientists agree that medical research should be done only on animals for safe and secure reasons.

The opponents of this theory are against testing on animals, claiming it is against their rights. Meaning, no human being has a right to deprive an animal of life or hurt them.

In most cases, animals are treated normally. So the animal welfare is not an issue of an animal. Even though some scientific experiments require animal testing and research, there are still more benefits to humans. Scientists want to find cures for human health ignoring ethical dilemmas. So in most cases, we talk about safety testing and do not argue that animal testing is bad.   

However, it is worth mentioning that the followers of the principles of the middle ground are the closest to the truth because they accept animal research but performed in the highest standards and convenient circumstances.  

We wish you do your own research before making up your mind which side to support. We can help you with your essay on pro animal testing, just contact us now!

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