Pro animal testing essay: useful tips

Pro animal testing essay

Many doctors and scientists tested their products on animals to check the effectiveness and even safety. This is relevant for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, the production of household chemicals and food. There are many people who support such testing because it gives their advantage. Others are ready to give up this benefit because they consider such medical experiments to be terrible. They think animal rights are more important. There is also a third group of people who cannot determine their position. It is excellent to know the arguments for and against, critically assess the situation and draw adequate conclusions. 

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Your professor may instruct you to write a pro-animal testing essay. In fact, it doesn’t matter what point of view you hold. Even if you are against this testing, you should understand the other side. Knowing what other people think, how they think, you can maintain a reasonable discussion. But the writing process itself can be a bit complicated. We know how to make it easier for you!

Ideas for a supportive position on animal testing

Even though animal testing has a huge number of flaws, it cannot be denied that it has brought great benefits to humanity. Here are a few points to help you develop supportive arguments for your paper.


  • Using animal testing, it was possible to save the lives of a huge number of people.
  • Until now, scientists have not found worthy alternatives that will help to develop products that are 100% safe.
  • With the help of animals, dangerous and harmful experiments in human beings can be avoided.
  • According to the law, animal cruelty is prohibited.
  • Almost all scientists support the use of animals for science.
  • Religion determines human domination over animals.
  • Scientific and medical progress requires sacrifice in some cases.

How to write a good essay about animal rights and experiments

write a good essay about animal rights

Once you receive a writing assignment from your professor, do not rush to put it on hold. Procrastination often leads to negative results. You run the risk of simply forgetting all your creative ideas and arguments. But if you start early, you will have enough time to provide your professor with an argumentative animal testing essay. Take a look at some tips written by professional authors. They are purposed to help you prepare a paper on such a controversial topic.

Do some good researches

You can write an emotional paper with your thoughts, but this is not good for an academic essay. If you express a position, it is important to be able to back it up with evidence, statistical facts, and quotes from authoritative people. So do a little research to find enough information about experiments. This is especially true if you adhere to the opposite point of view. You can understand why there is a different opinion, why it is important, why it can mean a lot to other people. Use proven sources. Make sure you can find at least two links for each of the facts during your researches.

Take care of the structure

If you want to provide your professor with an argumentative A-grade essay, it should be well-structured. You cannot start your paper with a key argument. First, you need to warm up the audience, interest it with some historical facts, an intriguing question, medical stats or another hook you consider attractive enough. After that, you will be able to present the main arguments, illustrating them with evidence about stories when products were tested on animals in experimental conditions. In your conclusion, you can encourage readers to think or even act. Of course, you can make some changes, but the structure of your essay should be clear and understandable.

Use real examples

You can write a lot about animal testing being good. But these are just words until you illustrate it with facts. During researches, pay attention to real examples when testing and experiments helped save someone’s life or develop a new tool that would not have been possible without such testing.

Don’t be too emotional

We understand that this topic can be very important. Many people sincerely worry about the fate of animals, refuse meat, fur, skin, other animal products. But when you write an academic animal testing argumentative essay, you must remain impartial. Even if you express your own opinion, you should rely on the professional approach. Of course, this does not mean that you should write something like “Testing on animals is fine and justified in 100% of cases.” You can express your sympathy for scientific purposes when animals were tested. But at the same time, you can show that sometimes it really matters and is necessary until scientists have found worthy alternatives to animal testing.

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