Crows are talking

Crows – did you know that they are talking?

What associations do you have when thinking about crows? Black, often spooky, loners, death, a bad sign, big smart birds. Eh? In some of your associations, the word “intelligent” will undoubtedly be present. We will talk about this feature in our essay. What will be the intelligence of these birds? What can they do that is beyond the power of other birds? What processes occur in their brains as they solve complex problems? And what is the secret of their mental faculties? These facts and much more interesting will be discussed further.

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Interesting facts

When writing an essay on such a topic, we would recommend starting with some interesting facts about a crow. For example, here is one. One day, scientists at Oxford University watched the crow. She lifted a piece of wire with her beak and, using improvised items, formed a hook from it. Then Betty (the name of the crow) was to get a small bowl of meat from the plastic pipe with this device. There was a pig’s heart inside the tube – and it became Betty’s lunch.

How did Betty accomplish such a difficult task? It also needs analysis and calculation that the human brain, not the bird, is capable of. Scientists could not understand this. However, years of research have shown that Betty is not the only intelligent bird of its kind.


Our next step in writing the essay will be to tell where these bird-dwellers are staying.

There is a group of islands on our planet – it is called New Caledonia. This French territory is 2,000 miles east of Australia. And amazing birds are living on these islands. New Caledonian crows – representatives of the Corvidae family of birds. The same family includes crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies, treepies, choughs, and nutcrackers. Here, special attention should be paid to crows. Do you know the difference between crows and ravens? So their main difference is their size. Ravens are much larger than crows. And the Raven has a wedge-shaped tail. It can also be in the air for much longer than a regular crow. And these birds speak different languages. We used to hear from crows the “caw-caw.” And larger ravens produce deeper sounds like “gronk-gronk.”

Although these animals live in the wild, scientists still manage to do a lot of research about them. For more than a year, scientists have been studying the brains of these birds. And the results cannot fail to impress. Without exaggeration, they can be called birds with advanced intelligence. Can one doubt the skills of birds using a palm vine to get insects from trees?

Useful and exciting skills

What is Intellect? The source of intelligence is the brain. In humans, complex cognitive processes are governed by a brain structure called the “neocortex.” However, crows do not have this element. Instead, dense clusters of neurons provide the sharpness of the birds’ minds.

  • The individual skills of crows are beneficial. For example, some birds search for specific plants to make their tools. That is, they choose the material from which it is best to make the right tool. They extract insects and other food from inaccessible places. It means that birds can plan their tasks. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • And, thanks to evolution, crows have memories and mood swings. They have certain expectations and strategies for behavior.
  • Crafting tools is not the only achievement of crows. They can easily recognize human faces. So do not chase away crows or hooks – they can remember you.
  • But this does not end your communication with them. When the crow noticed you, it looked surprised, and the bird would likely want to discuss you with its friend. Have you ever seen two crows that seem to be talking to each other, looking at you? So – they really talked about you! Of course, crows have their language. They are cawing. But they do it with a different tempo, duration, and intensity, just like humans.
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  • Besides, the crows have another super-ability. These birds can adapt to any conditions of coexistence with humans. The urge to eat pushes them to incredible things. For example, crows remember the time the cafe was working and the time when the employees took out the garbage. Having studied the timetable, they take full advantage of their research.
  • Whatever we find it difficult to admit, crows are often smarter than even our pets – dogs and cats. Yes, dogs and cats can solve complex problems; they are responsive and feel good about the mood of their master; they can even sympathize with us. But, unfortunately, they cannot create a tool for themselves to produce their food.
  • But one of the most impressive facts about crows is undoubtedly their language. Yes, they communicate a lot – they caress, swear, threaten, report a disaster or alarm. And they perfectly imitate the sounds of other animals. All of these staff are due to the perfect voice system of these birds. Moreover, crows can make different sounds, such as gunshots, car sounds, or loud bells. It sounds incredible, but if you tame a young crow, you can even teach him how to talk. He will be a very loyal friend to his master.
  • There is something strange about their behavior. For example, when crows see dead members of their family, they start exploring the area for danger. And they can divide their food into 200 particles and bury them in different places. When predators encroach on their territory, crows, in a crowd, drive out unwanted guests from their homes.
  • And these birds are incredibly unforgiving. A resident of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh claims that a flock of crows avenges him daily for the death of a chick. In 2016, Shiva Kewat tried to rescue a little crow stuck in a metal mesh, but the bird did not survive. Since then, every time a man leaves the house, he has been attacked by a pack of aggressive crows. After the crow’s attack, the Indian has scratches and bruises on his head. Unfortunately, the man cannot explain to the crows that he is not guilty of chick death.
  • What is it about crows that makes them so smart? Of course, intelligence is a concept that is difficult to measure. However, we cannot deny that crows own much more than most other birds and animals. So what’s the secret to the incredible intelligence of these birds? The answer is hidden in their heads. In the brains of crows, there is an area similar to the human prefrontal cortex. Only in birds does this part of the brain be called nidopallium caudolateral. It is she who is responsible for the thinking and decision-making processes.

We have concluded that crows are smart and worthy of the bird’s attention. However, they can cause significant harm to people—for example, farmland. However, humanity is intensely struggling with this problem. So sometimes all that remains to the crows is to just leave their mark in the memory of themselves.

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The most interesting facts about the smartest birds

What conclusions can we draw from all the above? We would summarize all the most compelling scientific facts about crows.

  • Crows can be tamed and even taught to speak.
  • Scientists equate crows’ intelligence with the mental abilities of a seven-year-old child.
  • Crows memorize human faces and then discuss people with other crows.
  • Ravens and hooks can take care of themselves by getting their food from inaccessible places by mastering their tools.
  • Ravens can plan, solve complex problems, divide objects by similar features (color, size).
  • Crows are the kind of monkeys in the bird world. After all, scientists believe that the brains of crows are the same size as the brains of monkeys in the primate world.
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Most people are interested in – can crows talk?

In addition to the fact that crows speak their language, they can also be taught in human language. Young birds are best exposed to this training.

The next common question is – why do crows talk?

Crows often communicate with each other. What are they discussing? They flirt with females, brawl children, alert others to danger, and sometimes they even threaten people.

The best questions about understanding human language by crows. 

Crows understand far more than we can imagine. And although it is not known whether they comprehend everything that a person says, crows can perfectly mimic our language and repeat individual words.

And people also ask – can crows talk better than parrots?

The answer will amaze you. Indeed, in captivity, crows can learn to speak even better than parrots. Besides, they can imitate a variety of sounds – machine engines, gunshots, and more.