The structure of Why animal testing is bad essay

Write Why Animal Testing Is Bad Essay

Being a student, you might be asked to write Why animal testing is a bad essay? However, it might be difficult for you to do it if you do not know facts and data concerning animal testing. Therefore, you will have to conduct solid research to generate a good against animal testing paper.

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Writing Why animal testing is a bad essay, you should follow the structure which is similar to other argumentative essays. Your paper should include:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Main body.
  3. Conclusion.

What are the cons of animal testing

The history of animal testing is long. For a long time, it helped prevent people from death and make discoveries in pharmacology. It goes without saying that procedure has implemented a lot if it comes to improving and protecting health. However, it is worth mentioning that animal testing was irreplaceable in some cases despite the animal sufferings. Nevertheless, today there are many undeniable and obvious reasons against it.

First of all, animal testing is cruel. The conditions in which animals are kept are terrible, not mentioning the fact the experiments are life-threatening and painful. For example, if we speak about cosmetic testing, there are such procedures as lethal doses killing, force-feeding, dripping chemicals into skin, and eyes. So experimental animals are tortured, to sum up.

There are also some scientific facts mentioning that animal research should be prohibited. First of all, animal testing is not as effective and accurate as many of us may believe. It is not possible to apply experiments’ results on humans. The reason for it is that the reaction of the human body differs from the reaction of animals. There are many cases when the human body reacted in a different way to some substances, unlike animals.

In fact, animals are placed in laboratory conditions. It might influence the results through raised temperatures, changed diet, and stress. Besides, the vast majority of tests are done without analgesics or anesthesia. Moreover, animal testing cannot provide much information about long-term effects so there might be some side effects.

What is more, animal testing is possible to be replaced with reasonable alternatives and costly. For example, the cost of testing 1 substance is $6 million and supposes using 800 animals. On the contrary, computer-modeling techniques are less expensive and more effective. The artificial skin or corneas may be utilized to conduct credible tests with no harm to organisms. Therefore, many scientists agree that animal testing is less effective and are looking for alternative ways of solving problems.

Besides, product testing on animals should be abandoned since it is rather archaic, downright, and inaccurate method of testing. The companies want to increase their revenues, making sure their products are good but in the aftermath, they lose clients since people tend to choose the products that were not tested on animals.  

best way to write Why animal testing is bad

To sum up, animal testing should be denied and prohibited as long as it is not effective and too costly. With new technologies, animal research should be replaced. Besides, the reliability of animal testing is a big doubt today. Also, according to moral considerations, people should rethink the careless usage of the resources. 

If businesses keep on testing on animals, they will lose their reputation, and clients will not buy their products anymore. There are many animal rights activists who will inform the customers about the negative side of animal testing.

Millions of animals die and millions of animals are killed in the United States for experiments on animals to prevent “human health”. So living animals such as dogs, cats, mice, rats, guinea pigs undergo animal testing which is wrong. The tests performed on 100 million of animals for testing cosmetics are too wrong and cruel. If the test methods are not safe for human, so can you imagine how animal experimentation is dangerous when supporting animals.

 What is the best way to write Why animal testing is a bad essay? 

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