What is an animal testing persuasive essay?

animal testing persuasive essay

Sometimes you might be asked to reveal your opinion about the problem of testing on animals. The vast majority of young people tend to defend or ignore the rights of animals to live a happy and stress-free life. So you can justify your point of view concerning this issue and even inspire others to stop remaining silent. 

Or on the contrary, if you do not care whether animals feel pain and suffer and respect the results of the animal testing practice, you may argue why you think so and try to calm down the defenders from the opposite point of view. 

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So it’s time to make up your mind which of the sides to defend. Ready? 

 Writing an animal testing persuasive essay, you should know the types of arguments to support your claim. The first experiments on animals were conducted in ancient Greece and Rome. The animal testings led to big breakthroughs in medicine in the past but now the situation changed. 

It is debatable for the students of college and high schools whether animal testing is required. So they are asked to write a persuasive essay on animal testing. Meaning, they can share their animal testing persuasive essay ideas with others and get a high grade. However, before the students begin to compose the paper they must choose the persuasive essay topics animal testing. Note that every successful paper is the one with a strong animal testing persuasive essay thesis.

How to write animal testing persuasive essay?

Animals were utilized in scientific researches and medical experiments for several centuries.

Many people still believe such experiments are important for the new cosmetic product development, great breakthroughs in human health knowledge, and discovery of medications.

However, nowadays there are many people who defend animal rights, supporting the idea that animal testing is unethical. The reason for it is the fact animals suffer from deprivation, emotional distress, and physical pain. 

The Australian philosopher Peter Singer has published his work “Animal Rights” in 1975. He defended animal rights and claimed that their rights are equal to human rights since animals suffer and feel pain like humans do.

Tom Reagan, the US philosopher, has argued that animals have emotions and intellect like humans so we should protect them. 

Nowadays, these experiments on animals are typical. According to statistics of PETA, 100,000,000+ animals are killed during testings only in the USA every year. 

However, the public tends to decline such cruel practices. According to ethical concerns, countries like India, Israel, Norway, and The European Union abandoned utilizing animals in cosmetic products testing.

To write a paper, you should investigate the positions of both sides of the conflict. Let’s discuss the main arguments. 

Arguments for experimentation:

  • With animal testing, scientists developed loads of life-saving medications. For instance, the remedies for such diseases as malaria, tuberculosis, breast cancer, brain injury, childhood leukemia, diabetes, and more were found.
  • To research complex living organisms, we do not have any adequate alternative methods like animals or humans.
  • As long as animals are similar genetically to humans, they are susceptible to similar illnesses.
  • Strict special laws regulate experiments that protect animals from mistreatment in labs.
  • The experimentation results are beneficial and useful for animals too. 
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Arguments against experimentation:

  • Animal experiments are inhumane and cruel since they include killings by various means, the wound infliction, forced feeding, food and water deprivation, toxicity tests, and more. all living beings deserve to live with no pain and suffering.
  • It is an archaic and too old method. Nowadays the researchers can utilize alternative innovative methods without animal participation.
  • All creatures are unique. There are significant anatomic, metabolic, cellular differences between humans and animals so the investigation will bring irrelevant results. About 90% of drugs that were experimented on animals, do not work on humans.
  • The experiments on animals are very expensive and cost millions of dollars. There are many cheaper alternative methods. 
  • People do not need tests like these. Animals die in labs without protection for creating eyeliners, food ingredients, erectile dysfunction drugs, or new pesticides. No one needs them very much at the expense of animals’ lives. 
  • Thanks to ethical concerns, efficiency, and social relevance, there are many other alternatives with no need to experiment.

Here are several examples:

  • Scientists work on building algorithms that can analyze the research information and predict how certain products influence living beings with no need to put living creatures in danger.
  • There is a microdosing method where humans receive a small number of drugs to investigate the effect of them of the body. This method is effective and safe. So the volunteers are free to understand what happens to them. Besides, often they are paid well for it.
  • Miniature and simplified organs-on-chips, mimicking the functioning of the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, can help to understand the new drugs help. 
  • In vitro testing, scientists utilize human cells to find out their reaction to drugs.

Sample of essay

Sample of essay

Tips to write an animal testing persuasive essay

  • Write a solid intro. The introduction is a part of the persuasive essay where you should make the reader interested and engaged in reading forward. Therefore, you should produce a strong hook that must be catchy. One more important element of the introduction is the thesis statement. It should consist of 1-2 sentences and provide the reader with an answer to the topic of the essay.
  • Create persuasive body paragraphs. the number of body paragraphs should be from 3 to 5. Each of the body paragraphs must begin with a topic sentence. The topic sentence should persuade the reader to take your position. Also, it must back up your thesis statement. Make sure each of the elements of the main body includes facts, statistics, and other information to illustrate the usability of your main point. 
  • Include transitions. You may utilize either linking words or phrases to make the flow of the speech smoother. For example, you may use such words as “Furthermore”, “On the other hand”, “On the contrary”, “What is more”, “However”, “Besides”, “To add more”, “To conclude”, “All in all”, etc. 
  • Generate a conclusion. In the conclusive part, you should restate your thesis statement. Besides, it is a section where you must summarize all the information and arguments. Note that no new data is allowed to be included in your conclusion. 
  • Proofread and edit. The last but not least thing to do when writing a persuasive paper is proofreading. Check your text and fix all the mistakes. You may also ask your friend to help you because he or she might have a fresh look upon the essay’s content.

Topics for an animal testing persuasive essay:

  1. What are the circumstances to justify animal testings?
  2. Is it moral to purchase products of cosmetics that were tested on animals?
  3. Medicine and animal research.
  4. Is it moral to engineer animals genetically?
  5. Must animal testing be abandoned?
  6. Animal experimentations: arguments for and against.
  7. Why is the animal testing inhumane and cruel?
  8. Can modern technology substitute animal research?
  9. What are the alternative approaches to animal testing?
  10. Why are the repercussions of animal testing not reliable?

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The final thought

All things considered, writing an animal testing essay might be difficult for those who have not ever written such papers. therefore, we do recommend you to conduct solid research to find the pieces of evidence supporting your thesis statement. Do your best to impress your teacher or delegate this part of academic work to professionals like us.

To sum up, there are many computational models as well as pros and cons regarding testing on dogs and cats. Also, there might be many side effects if you test products on the number of animals. The human body should be protected but not with such a high price of animals suffering. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is animal testing necessary argumentative essay?

There are many arguments from both sides of the debate. Some people claim that it is immoral to make experiments on animals and rather pricey while others claim that it is one of the best ways to find the treatment for any disease. 

How outline for persuasive essay on animal testing may look like?

 First and foremost, it must include the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Secondly, note that the number of body paragraphs should normally be less than 5. 

How cosmetic animal testing hook for a persuasive essay looks like?

The hook for such a paper might be like this if you do not support animal testing: “If you do not want to feel as animals that are tested, you would better read on this paper”.

Can you give me three topics for an animal testing persuasive essay?

  1. Why are the rights of animals necessary?
  2. Is it beneficial to utilize animals in an investigation?
  3. Why is testing on animals an archaic practice?
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