“Why animal testing is good?” essay

Why animal testing is good? essay

College paper writing is not always an easy task. You can get topics with which you are 100% agree, as well as those that will require certain efforts from you. For example, the issue of animal testing is controversial. Animal rights advocates vehemently advocate a ban on such testing. Nevertheless, worthy alternatives do not exist yet and this is the main argument of those who support the testing of products, cosmetic goods, household chemicals, medicines, etc. During your studies at the university, you may be given the task of writing “Why animal testing is good?” essay. You will find some useful tips below to come up with argumentative and persuasive topics and ideas for animal testing paper.

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Pro arguments for animal testing

It heals and saves lives

In the process of writing paper, you can turn to research and statistics. They show that almost all medical breakthroughs in recent years have been made precisely through testing on animals. For example, if doctors refused such methods, they would not be able to treat breast cancer, tuberculosis, and head injuries. There are a number of other diseases where animal tests have helped achieve a significant process. Moreover, it was thanks to this that anesthetics, pacemakers, heart valve substitutes were developed. It is undeniable that all this is of great importance to medicine.

It helps ensure that new vaccines are safe

It is impossible to ensure vaccine safety today without animal testing. For example, the most pressing issue these days is the development of a vaccine against coronavirus. It is important to make sure that the new vaccine does not aggravate the virus, and therefore, before putting it into production, it will be tested on genetically modified rodents. Professors and scientists working on a new vaccine claim that animal experimentation is indeed a very important step. If you neglect it, you can put people at great risk. When scientists test their products and can prove that vaccines are safe and effective for laboratory animals, they can confirm their use for humans.

There is no completely suitable alternative

It is no secret that all living systems, are very complex. This is the main reason it is impossible to find a worthy alternative that would be just as difficult and help achieve the same results. For example, it can be argued that a Petri dish is useful for studying cell cultures. But it does not allow access to the processes occurring in the immune, endocrine, and central nervous system that humans have. If doctors want to make sure that the drug does not have any side effects, they must first deliver it to various organs through the circulatory system. And they need animals for that purpose. In addition, tissue cultures do not allow to determine the reasons for blindness, high blood pressure, etc. The nerve cells of the human brain cannot be modeled even by the most powerful computer. Experimental animals are really the only solution.

Animals are very similar to humans

How much percent of DNA, do you think, matches humans and chimpanzees? You might be surprised to know that this number is 99%! Mice are also very similar to humans, their percentage is only 98%. All mammals have a common ancestor, which means that some of our organs, such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys function almost identically. This biological similarity causes the same disease. That is why this animal testing helps prevent disease and find new effective treatments.

Animals also have an advantage

This is a rather unexpected argument, which may be the key to your paper. It turns out that the vaccines that were tested in this way saved not only people but also the animals themselves. Such diseases as rabies, plague, infectious hepatitis, anthrax, cat leukemia, tetanus, and others can be treated precisely thanks to such testings. They also helped develop pacemakers for animals, drugs for hip dysplasia. Conducting your research before writing an animal testing essay, you will find a large number of links confirming this information. Surely you did not know that animal testing helped to save some endangered species. Use this data in your paper to impress readers.

Now you see that experiments and animal research are not about the cosmetic only. They are really needed for medical progress. Of course, there are a lot of reverse arguments, but now you know the essential points and can craft the amazing essays animal testing.

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