Why We Should Stop Animal Testing Essay. Sample

Why We Should Stop Animal Testing Essay Sample

Why We Should Stop Animal Testing?

Animal testing is one of the cruelest and unethical humans practices. They have no place in the 21st century. Over 100 million animals die and over 95% of these victims are in vain. In the time when we talk much about global sustainability, we destroy the ecosystem and teach our children to think that killing animals is normal. Over the last decade, science has gone far ahead. We can create things on 3D-printers and use computer modeling to study almost every process in the world. If we have all these tools, why we continue to use animals in the experiments? Who and when decided that people can continue to violate animal rights? Why we should stop this practice immediately to save our planet for future generations?

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The use of animals in humans’ experiments last so long that this practice has become normal for us. The active phase of animal testing started over 100 years ago, and it seems that we forgot that something in the practice is wrong. We already have positive results for curing diseases (cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, etc.) and creating new products provided by animal testing. For the last decade, computer technology has made a real breakthrough. We use them everywhere to make our life better and more comfortable. Everywhere, except the closest live organisms sharing the planet with us for thousands of years.

The defenders of animal rights, including PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the largest worlds’ organization in this field of study, selected the five key points – what’s wrong with animal testing in the 21st century. They are unethical attitudes, poor science, wasteful experiments, archaic practice, and unnecessary expenses of the US taxpayers.

Debating on the unethical attitude in animal testing, we need to understand the two key points – the species used in experiments can feel and react the same as humans do. If you’ve ever had a cat, a dog, or visited a zoo and contacted monkeys, you know that animals are very similar to humans. Animals are an essential part of the planet’s ecosystem. Killing them or forcing them to suffer in laboratory cages for months and years, we destroy the natural order and violate animal rights. This field is largely unregulated. Among more than 11.000 animal testing facilities that USDA regulates only 120 USDA inspectors are overseeing their operations. Millions of animal deaths and egregious violations could be stopped if we ban this practice or regulate it stronger.

Animal testing is poor science. 95% of drugs that were tested on animals failed in human testing. Approximately the same is true for the food and cosmetics industry. Dangerous for humans ingredients could be safe for animals and vice versa. Why do we continue using animals in experiments that cannot fulfill their primary function – to prevent dangerous products from entering the market? Wasteful experiments distract our resources and attention. Today, we can use computer modeling, artificial intelligence and other technology to do the same not involving animals. It is the right time to replace the archaic practice of the 20th century with new ones.

The experiments with the use of animals are expensive. Governments budget millions to support and regulate this practice each year. The taxpayers are funding the practice with no guarantee for human health improvement. To make one successful drug involves about 14 years of testing and over 1 billion dollars when the failure rate is higher than 96%. Can we take all these billions and invest in new technology to create materials that will replace animals in testing?
In the 2020th, animal testing seems to be not just cruel or archaic. They show the humans’ lack of foresight. At the time when we need to solve global sustainability problems, we continue to kill millions of animals in laboratories, largely in vain. Using animals in experience today is the same that we are eager to pay money to destroy nature, society, and our souls. Animal testing should be stopped.

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