Writing an Essay Against Animal Testing

Essay Against Animal Testing

Animal Testing Main Cons and Data

The use of animals is being debated in the US society for decades. Do we have the right to make animals suffer? Is it cruel and unethical to involve animals in testing? Can we replace animals in the important fields of study with some other material? Are humans and animals similar? Hundreds of questions about the use of animals in experiments are waiting for answers.

Writing a strong essay against animal testing is based on arguments that are supported by demonstrative figures and arguments proved by the authoritative sources. To be persuasive, provide the latest data and show the growing trend of negative results for animals, for nature, for society. Here are some.

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The PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 6.5 million members, the world’s largest animal rights organization) points that over 100 million animals are being killed during experiments every year in the United States.

The species that are most commonly used in animal testing include rats, birds, mice, amphibians, reptiles, fish, monkeys, cats, dogs, hamsters, pigs, frogs, and others. The field of animal experience is wide – medical training, food, drug, and cosmetics testing, biology lessons, chemical testing, and experimentation driven by our curiosity.

The efficiency of animal testing is very controversial. The use of animals has already influenced the studies of cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, AIDS, and many others. Thousands of potentially harmful to human food items, cosmetics, and drug products were stopped from entering the market due to the experiments with the use of animals. Still, we do not have the effective cures of diseases and do not know all the impact of products on the human organism.

Over 97% of animals are killed after testing and die in the process. Over 96% is the failure rate of drug testing. Thousands of experiments with the use of animals turn to be useless. Why do we need all these testing and how they influence the eco-system?

Animal testing has already brought positive results and helped to save human lives. We need to consider it when writing this essay type. Everything in the world has two opposite sides. However, the key target here is to measure the positive and negative effects of the experiments with the use of animals. Put the key pros and cons of animal testing on the scales of personal perception. Choose the key arguments against animal testing that you are most concerned about.

A personal attitude or the essay’s author is important. To be persuasive, we need to feel a personal connection to the topic. Choose all cons if you are totally against animal testing and support them with indicative data. Choose one or several fields of studies that use animals if you think these are the wrong human decision.

How to Write Against Animal Testing Paper? 

The against animal testing essay consists of the involving essay name, strong opening paragraph, essay body (logically built arguments against animal testing), and a closing statement that impresses. Build a plan to stay up with the topic and to meet the required essay lengths.

Strong arguments in this essay type are crucial. The author needs to choose those that you agree with. Why should we ban animal testing? – We gathered some of the most important cons here: 

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  • The experiments with the use of animals are unreliable. Over 90% of drugs, cosmetics, and foods fail in human trials. Some animals are similar to people but the difference between humans and animals here is more important.
  • Among all drug effects that are dangerous for people only 19% were predicted as a result of animal testing. The experiments with the use of animals provide poor data. We still have many risks for health from products that enter the market.
  • PETA says that every one of 85 HIV/AIDS vaccines that were successful in primate studies failed to protect humans (as of 2015).
  • It takes about 14 years to create a new drug. The failure rate is over 95%. The cost of one successful drug is over 1 billion. Most of the experiments on animals here are useless. Animal testing is expensive.
  • In 2019, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budgeted 40 billion (about 47% of NIH research involve testing on animals).
  • Many (over 800) US laboratories that use animals in their experiments are not subject to federal inspections and law. The testing on rats, mice, and other animals are largely unregulated.
  • The USDA audit shows that the rate of violations in animal testing in US laboratories is still high.
  • Animal testing is an unethical practice. People force animals to suffer and die for no purpose because most of the experiments fail.
  • We can replace cruel experiments on animals by computer-modeling studies.

Against Animal Testing Essay. Tips for Better Writing

Against Animal Testing Essay Tips

Some practical tips and recommendations to make your against animal testing essay better:

  • Concentrate on 3-5 strong arguments to make your animal testing essay persuasive.
  • Work on the opening and closing statements until they look like an involving announcement and a memorable takeaway, respectively.
  • Do not try to write about all existing knowledge on the topic. This could turn an essay text into the number of weak informative sentences rather than strong arguments. An essay against animal testing is more often a persuasive paper task.
  • Work on your essay name when the text is ready. It will help you to be unique and impress your reader. The essay name should reflect the key idea.
  • Follow the classic essay structure. Link paragraphs to each other with the use of special transitions. The rule for essay body paragraphs is one paragraph – one idea (argument). 
  • Data on animal testing is dynamic. Make sure that you use the latest studies to support your essay arguments.
  • Read your essay out loud. Delete weak and useless words and sentences. Replace complicated constructions to make your essay easy to read and clear to understand. Divide long sentences into short ones.

Essay Topic Samples Against Animal Testing

Some examples of against animal testing topics:

  • The cruelty of animal testing in laboratories.
  • Animal testing – take suffering out of science. 
  • Animal testing – why do we need to stop the cruel and unethical practice.
  • The impact of animal testing.
  • The dangers of experiments on animals.
  • Animal testing: inhumane effects.
  • Animal testing: the negative for the future.
  • Animal testing: the rights of animals. 
  • Animal testing should be banned.
  • Key cons of animal testing.
  • Against animal testing, etc. 

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Afterword. What to Consider Writing Animal Testing Essay

The animal testing topic is important in society. In the future, you could be involved in this discussion in some context. Writing this against animal testing essay is a chance to get knowledge on the topic, to define your personal attitude. It is also a good test to train and show your persuasive skills. Take the time to work on this essay task accurately!


The most popular questions about against animal testing essay are:

Why is testing on animals unethical?

Animals have the right to be treated properly. They are similar to people because they can feel. Testing in laboratories, people put animals in the cages. Animals suffer from brutal things such as sleep or water deprivation, eating food that they are not supposed to, pain infliction, etc. Animals can’t choose. The use of animals in experiments is considered unethical.

How many animals die from animal testing?

Over 100 million animals die each year. This includes the animals used in biology lessons in the United States laboratories, food, drug, cosmetics, and chemical testing, medical training, and experimentations that are driven by human curiosity. Among the animals used in testing are rats, mice, monkeys, cats, dogs, frogs, and others.

The best question about an essay against animal testing is:

Why you should be against animal testing?

Animal testing is cruel, unethical, and very often not efficient. The use of animals in testing is expensive. Humans and animals are not as similar as we thought before. We can replace animals with other materials for experiments.

How do you write an essay against animal testing?

Choose the topic you will be focusing on. General cons of animal testing or concrete experiment field (cosmetics testing, drug testing, etc.). Find strong figures and arguments that are supported by authoritative organizations. Provide your statements starting from the general introduction and 3-5 paragraphs of an essay body that prove your main idea. Create a strong closing paragraph to make people think of your idea and remember your against animal testing essay.

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